September 3, 2013

Kinfolk + Modernfolk Camp Cooking and Grilling event in Ojai, CA.

Kinfolk magazine and it's growing community of artists has always been for me a huge inspiration and I've burned for a long time with the desire to participate in one of Kinfolk magazine events that are organized over the year by local hosts in different places. That's how I've found this wonderful event in Ojai, CA.

The main idea of the event was family style gathering with interesting and usefull workshops, dinner right off the grill, live music, evening bonfire and delicious s'mores. Today I'm going to share few pictures from this inspirational evening.

Wanda, our host from Modernfolkliving, has organized everything just like it should be - cozy, warm, cordial, family style, local - these words are coming up on my mind when I'm thinking about the event.

We had two worshops. First was about making bug spray with natural oils and essentials. Now I have this little bottle at my home,  and I've got to say - the smell is divine!

And the most important is of course people. I was happy being there making new acquaintances among such talented people and artistic souls.

Second workshop was about how to make a bonfire starter with natural materials and herbs. Everything has been picked here in California.

And of course delicious food hot off the grill.

The sun went down and I was out of film. So I have to put marks of omission here and let you imagine how good was my evening near the fire with wonderful people enjoying delicious s'mores.
Great thank you to all who organized such pleasant event and let good energy in our hearts.

take care and enjoy you day
♦ xoxo ♦ | Host - Wanda Weller Sakai | Camp food - Oliver 
Parker | Live music - Vaughn Montgomery  | Video Karen Nedivi | Flower arrangements - Carrie Bahu | Campsite drinks - Kourtney Morgan #garmentfarmer | Hand made plates and dishes P.Lyn Middleton | Campfire tags and coasters Elizabeth Rittmeyer and Kelsie Zimmerman | Venue Chris & Kenny owners of Ojai Rancho Inn


  1. Love these, Ksenia! It was so nice meeting you :)

  2. love these shots! and kinfolk! :)
    are these all film?

    1. Thank you! Yes, all these photographs were made on 35mm film :)

  3. Ксения, я влюблена в цвета этих фотографий, а что за пленка если не секрет? и эти лимонадники, какие же они классные!

    1. :) Если мне не изменяет память, то у меня тут Kodak Ektar 100 вначале, и Kodak Porta 160 затем.

  4. nice pictures-very interesting blog!

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