August 21, 2013

Catching dreams. Bohemian style family photo session at the beach.

I have to say that it has been my most spontaneous photo session during this summer. Daria, Sasha and their daughter Sonia had only couple of days in Los Angeles during their vacation in US and they wanted to keep memories here in LA. Only a couple days in Los Angeles but when I've seen Daria for the first time it seemed that she never left LA. And you will see why. That family is so organically fits in Los Angeles boho atmosphere so I truly believe that this place belongs to them even if they don't live here. And I'm so happy to meet such beautiful people inside and out. From the beginning I knew that everything would work out and we were great collaboration as clients and photographer could be. Because these people are YOUNG, FREE and HAPPY. I just had to capture this. It's a wonderful gift for photographer.

Photographs taken with Canon Eos 3 and 35mm film.   

enjoy your day
take care 
♡ xoxo ♡


  1. Ксюша, это так прекрасно!

    1. Спасибо большое Марина, очень рада, что понравилось :)


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