May 16, 2013

Vintage surprise. Thurston Schultz collectibles

Today I want to tell you about a big vintage (you know I'm a vintage addicted person) surprise which we had couple weeks ago. In the beginning we could not imagine what we would see that day. So I intentionally have kept all our family pictures because everything went just as usual. It was a usual BBQ party at our friend's place which he rent from a very good family.

Katia is like always =)

These guys. Matching outfits =)

It was just a family weekend till the landlord Thurston Schultz has invited us to visit his garage. And we have seen this.

 This place is a big inspiration. Mr Schultz has a huge collection of different collectibles. These are antique coin-operated  and slot machines, games, old school autos' parts and much much more.

Do you know what is this? You won't believe. This is antiques coin-operated erotic machine. Yes, it is. And it's 3D! There are two pictures inside with erotic pictures of beautiful women, and as you look at it through the sight you can see 3 dimensional image.

I was litterally amazed!

So it was a big fortune gift for me to spent a day listening to Mr Schultz's stories about travelling on route 66 trough the US and admiring all of these wonderful vintage things.

And I should notice couple of interesting facts. Mr Schultz works on repairing and restoration of different kind of antiques. One of his coin-operated machines is now on Santa Monica pier near the caroussel. And many times when I was walking with Katia or Polina I passed by this perfect restorated antique and each time I admired it. So thrilled to meet Mr Schultz personally.

Have a good day!
♡ xoxo ♡

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  1. мурашки по коже, когда вижу настоящий американский стиль и атмосферу))) спасибо!!!!
    Таня Волкова


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