February 1, 2013

Marshmallow Polina. 3 months

Our days run faster and faster. Some of my friends, moms too, say the first months with the baby were the longest months in their life. May be with the first kid it is like this. Life changes and baby routines make it slower. But with Polina I barely have time to stop and to look around, to enjoy those sweet moments and days. So I take photos. Sometimes with my camera sometimes with my iphone. But I just take pictures to capture these moments and to keep them for the future.That's why I love photography -  every moment filled of love is priceless. 

Here is our 3 months photo set. I call it "Marshmallow Polina".
 Enjoy the sweetness. And have a good Friday.


1 comment:

  1. волшебно ,честное слово. такие приятные снимки :3
    мне было бы приятно,если бы вы тоже заглянули в мой блог С:


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