February 8, 2012

366 days project. Week II (January 30- February 5)

 You know, this week was so simple and cozy so I don't know what to say more. I hope the pictures say all.

So often after a rich week-end I spent my Monday at home. So I can call Monday - "the home day" I ate up all blackberries. Love it!


Kate's heels on the playground. Our playground is a big sandbox - lots of joy!


My favorite backpack and a banana snack. We walk  like this in the eternal summer.


Where are those little heels? A nap. That's what I like too! To sleep in the afternoon cozy sunny rays.


We spent our Friday by the ocean and then we went shopping for finding a gift for our friend's birthtday party. The ocean and a lot of sand around. Pelicans and sea shells. Katia is happy - it means I' am happy too.


And here is the ocean. I can't do not show it to you. It seems one photo of  seven will be about the ocean.
Recently I bought a t-shirt for with the inscription below. For remind to myself one more time. Carpe diem - enjoy this moment!


On Sunday I took the pictures of beautiful Ava. We caught the last rays of the sun before it disappeared behind the mountain. I love the pictures which give the heat.


Have a good week.
♥ xoxo ♥

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