January 31, 2012

366 days project (January 23- January 29)

I've started  my 366 days project. Great! I am very glad that I can share with you moments of my life that are very dear to me. I am looking at these pictures and I'm smiling - we have so good and cozy days! So this week on my blog.

Sometimes this week was pretty funny for me. I was trying to understand what season we have now.
Considering that I am from Moscow (it's  -4ºF in Moscow now) the weather in Los Angeles is very unusual for me . This week I've found three seasons except winter in our neighborhoods.

The first day it was cool and rainy autumn. I love the rain in Los Angeles because it's rain very rarely here. No matter how gray the day is and how low the clouds are - it's just a good time to take a timeout. However, the rain stopped very fast, and after half an hour already sun was shining but that's another story.


This day we took the asparagus out of the house, went one block up on the hill, caught the setting sun and took this shot.
A little bit strange, but I love that.


Do you like ice cream? Katia and I adore it , especially as a necessary means between a shopping trip, or mother will not be able to complete the shopping easy :) We've bought the most simple shorts, the most simple T-shirt and really wonderfull back pack for me. The weather was singing something about the spring (if to be absolutely honest, 78ºF in the shade - it's summer), so I began to actively think about updating my spring-summer wardrobe.

Inspiration is closer than you think. I walked just 30 feets down my street, and I was already sitting on the grass with my camera and enjoying the day, the sun, a whistling of hummingbird and a beautiful light. 

The cherry blossom... Apparently we have the spring now!

We had a rich weekend but not too much.
We were not sitting at home but we also were not in a hurry, letting the life make adjustments in our schedule. We spent Saturday  in the Getty museum, studying European painting before 1600, changing exhibitions of photographs, pencil drawings and interesting installations.
We allowed to ourself eat a burger and then went to the observation deck to enjoy views of LA and of the ocean in the light of the setting sun.

Bicycle Tour on Sunday ended in Marina del Rey. There was a gorgeous view on the coast of LA and the mountains there.
And a special gift for us - we saw a sea lion swimming in the marina, pelicans, and a myriad of gulls.


Have a nice week ♥xoxo

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